Beware: 3 Signs Your Water is Contaminated

Water is one of the most vital resources in human life. From hydration, bathing, and as cleaning media, human life cannot be separated from water.

Water is very important for the human body as it contains high minerals. Adults are recommended to consume 8 glasses of water, equivalent to 2 liters per day. By regularly consuming enough water, it will reduce the risks of various diseases from dehydration to kidney disorders.

For consumption, clean water is definitely important. It might look easy to get clean water for people who live in the cities. But did you know, many people don’t know for sure that their water source is clean and pure. In fact, Indonesia is still struggling with the problem of clean water. In 2019, access to clean water for all people in Indonesia only reached around 77%. This means that there are still many people who do not have access to clean water around them.

Water that is used or consumed everyday could be contaminated with harmful substances, causing various diseases such as diarrhea. Not only that, contaminated water can also cause skin diseases. The 3 major signs below explain how your drinking water might be contaminated.

1. Cloudy or Dirty Looking Water

Water that looks dirty and not clear is certainly contaminated and should not be consumed. It is very dangerous to use or consume it, because it has been contaminated with bacteria and harmful substances from various sources such as waste and chemicals from the ground.

2. Unusual Taste in Water

In general, water has a plain, neutral taste when you drink it. If you find that the water has a distinct and unusual taste such as sweet, bitter, or salty, it is a sign that the water is not suitable for human consumption.

3. Foul-Smelling Water

One of the characteristics of water that is not suitable for consumption or use is water that has a smell. This could be caused by decomposition of microorganisms in the water, making it unsuitable to use or even consumed by human.

Shockingly, the characteristics of contaminated water above are often found in urban areas, which are usually well-facilitated with clean water supply. Since you might not know where the source of water came from and a lot of factors can contaminate it, you need to be more careful. Some factors that contributes to contaminated water are industrial waste, mixed with ground water that might be polluted with lead and nitrate. Make sure that the water that you consume is clean and does not have any signs of contaminations.

A lot of people believe that boiling water is enough to make it safe to consume, but bacteria can still be present in boiled water. Some types of water contaminated with nitrate and lead can even increase the danger level of these substances when boiled. Therefore, take extra steps to ensure that water that you consume is completely pure and free of contaminations.

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